‘The purest form of justice is rooted in the spirit of Ubuntu. All that is just and fair can be traced back to Ubuntu. And at the heart of development is a fundamental commitment to improving the well-being of all human beings through the expansion of their social, civil, political, cultural, and economic rights’​

Our Story

In 2019, a small but growing group of likeminded advocates saw the emergent need for the formation, in the capital city of the Republic, of a society of advocates – for whom legal excellence, transformation, professionalism, equity, parity of gender and races, respect for traditional and cultural beliefs, and the modernisation of the practice of law were not merely lofty aspirations, but foundational principles and core values which undergirded the society from its very inception.
Following careful preparatory work during early 2020, a first plenary meeting was held and a formal steering committee, with sub – committees, was established with the mandate to create the formal structures necessary for the realisation of the Tshwane Society of Advocates.
In January of 2021, the Tshwane Society of Advocates took formal possession of a new set of chambers in the Menlyn Maine Precinct in Pretoria. The chambers in the new Park Lane West Building reflect the elegant, professional, transformative, and modern approach to the practice of advocacy that lies at the very heart of the society.
The Constitution of the society was finally adopted, and the Tshwane Society of Advocates was formally brought into being with 42 inaugural members, and 34 inaugural associate members.
“Spirit of Tshwane” Sculpture

The members of the Tshwane Society of Advocates have committed themselves to the cultivation of the science of jurisprudence, the promotion of the reform of the law, the facilitation of the administration of justice, the elevation of the standard of integrity, the encouragement of ethical conduct, the display of honour and courtesy in the legal profession, and the cherishing of the spirit of collegiality among all members of the society.

We strive to follow in the
footsteps of those before us.

“Spirit of Tshwane” by Anton Smit

Spirit of Tshwane is part of a whole lot of heads that I’d like to make for all the different areas in South Africa. Also, Tshwane means ‘we live together’. The local people here say a person is just a person because of other people. So that is very distinct and important to me to try and depict that.

I don’t think one should make a public sculpture that the public has to integrate with any negative connotations. The other part of the spirit of Tshwane is to put up other sculptures that relate to that in spirit. I am trying to get people to forget differences and to think of what our similarities are.

I had poems written before I made those pieces.

“Before me floats an image, man or shade. Shade more than man, more image than a shade.”